With lighted candles

With lighted candles the Christmas tree is
a glorious sight for us to behold.
It speaks to us and it says: "In me is
true hope and faith for young and old.

The children with all their glowing faces
gladden our hearts and cheer our sight.
What gay delight in the elders' gazes
with eyes upturned on this holy night.

Two angels enter the room unseen and
no eye beholds them standing there.
They say a prayer and then near the tree stand
before they turn and leave us here.

 you be blessed, yes, every old one
and you small flock, also be blessed.
God's gift is withheld this day from no one,
be your head brown or white hair tressed.

To all good people that love another,
as messengers from the Lord we came.
And if you stay him faithful and pious
we will return to this house again."

No single ear heard a whisper spoken
and every human eye was blind.
They came and then went, leaving the token
of God's great love and blessing behind.