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Kak na Vanyushini imenini

Kak na Vanyushini imenini
Ispekli mi karavai-
Vot takoi shirini,
Vot takoi vishini,
Vot takoi nizini,

Vot takoi uzhini.
Karavai, karavai,
Kogo lyubish, vibirai!
- Ja lyublyu vas vseh,
A Alenu boljshe vseh!

This one is about a round loaf of bread, which they made for Vanyusha(boy's name) birthday. You can put any other name, whose birthday it is. Kids stand in a circle and put "Vanyusha" in the middle, they start moving and sing this song, describing a loaf of bread by raising hands up high (how high bread is), spreading arms wide and then low. Last sentense is: loaf of bread, loaf of bread, whom do you love best? And "Vanyusha-karavai" says that he loves them all, but (any other name) best of all. So, her(his) turn to stand in the middle and so far so forth.